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way to deliver
IT projects

Skilld IT Community offers a proven framework to allow for effective collaboration between skilled freelance developers and the most demanding organizations.


As developers and project managers of Skilld IT Community, our duty is to help brands and web agencies execute projects without friction. We deliver on this promise thanks to a proven system for staffing IT resources.

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If you are reading this, you’re probably familiar with IT Projects. But what exactly is an IT Project? An IT project is a project between someone who does not know what he wants, and someone who does not know what he does.

Thus a lot of conflicts, failures and human complexity. 

Our mission is to help organizations go through multiple layers of governance while improving quality, efficiency and happiness at work.

We’re flexible by-design and scale our sourcing efforts so you don’t have to. Hence our positioning as the IT Community, not an agency.

Delivered on-demand. IT work. Delivered on-demand. IT work. Delivered on-demand. IT work.

Delivered on-demand. IT work. Delivered on-demand. IT work. Delivered on-demand. IT work.
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Developers and PMs work on their terms.

IT talents have a way to secure their earnings, while gaining freedom & flexibility at work.

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Brands lead IT projects with no friction.

Our clients can hire a flexible workforce without adding more complexity to their own organization. 

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Web agencies balance resources.

Our partners can access a pool of resources to balance their own demand & supply.

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If you want to learn more about Skilld Community and our approach to IT projects, feel free to complete our contact form. We’ll just only ask for the most basic informations, to help us reach back at you with enough understanding. 

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