A collaborative
and flexible 
way to deliver
IT projects  

Skilld IT Community offers a proven framework to allow for effective collaboration between skilled freelance developers and the most demanding organizations.

Community- as-a-Service

As developers and project managers of Skilld IT Community, our duty is to help brands and web agencies execute projects without friction. We deliver on this promise thanks to a proven system for staffing IT resources.

Category as a service

If you are reading this, you’re probably familiar with IT Projects. But what exactly is an IT Project? An IT project is a project between someone who does not know what he wants, and someone who does not know what he does.

Thus a lot of conflicts, failures and human complexity. 

Our mission is to help organizations go through multiple layers of governance while improving quality, efficiency and happiness at work.

We’re flexible by-design and scale our sourcing efforts so you don’t have to. Hence our positioning as the IT Community, not an agency.


SaaS & platforms

Audit & consulting
Audit & consulting

Project industrialisation
Agile organisation


Version upgrade
CMS Migration

Delivered on-demand. IT work. Delivered on-demand. IT work. Delivered on-demand. IT work.

Delivered on-demand. IT work. Delivered on-demand. IT work. Delivered on-demand. IT work.
Developers and PMs work on their terms

Developers and PMs work on their terms.

IT talents have a way to secure their earnings, while gaining freedom & flexibility at work.

Brands lead IT projects with no friction

Brands lead IT projects with no friction.

Our clients can hire a flexible workforce without adding more complexity to their own organization. 

Web agencies balance resources

Web agencies balance resources.

Our partners can access a pool of resources to balance their own demand & supply.

Seeking IT work.offers
to earn   your life as a developer?  

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Many companies seem to offer attractive.work opportunities…

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Yet, we found it hard.to fit in most of them

Whatever the organizational model: creative agencies, in-house, digital services... What you sign for (money, ambitious projects, clear process, company culture) isn’t really what you get (longer hours, urgencies, misalignment, toxic culture).


As developers ourselves,
we used to
suffer from this.

Group of people

That’s why
we decided to
join forces and create the IT.Community

An environment where skilled developers & IT individuals can express their talent for well-crafted projects.

Group of people
50 freelance developers
Drupal & JS expertise, from entry to senior level. Based in 13 different countries.
20 full-time employees
Dedicated to help community members succeed, from onboarding to project delivery. Based in Paris.
Churn < 5%
We display a very low churn among devs of the community, compared to an average of 50% in IT services.
10 years in business
We’re a proud sponsor and speakers for most Drupal conferences over the world.

Join   Skilld community, collaborate   via the tools you’re familiar with and earn   sustainable revenues

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You’re about to enter Skilld Community.

Feel free to say hello, the chat is here for that. As soon as you join, you’ll be guided towards every step of your onboarding by seasoned community members.

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Skilld Community works with all the tools you already know.

At some point, we wired all the collaborative tools together to make our fair system a reality. We invest quite some time & efforts to make this platform evolve, and you’ll get to contribute on that, too.

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Exactly how much money can you make here ?

Within Skilld Community, we value transparency above all, including on our costs and pricing structure. The flat rate we add on wages pays for Drupal contributions, our infrastructure costs and Community Management efforts, and nothing else.

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Join Skilld IT community

If you want to learn more about Skilld Community and our approach to IT projects, feel free to complete our contact form. We’ll just only ask for the most basic informations, to help us reach back at you with enough understanding. 

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