Keep your team busy during slowdowns.

It’s hard enough to motivate your team. Don’t let it fall back when activity slows down. 

Who is this for?

Dev agencies
Who want to maintain a high level of activity despite demand decrease, and secure a positive P&L.
Collectives of freelancers
Willing to diversify their business or contribute in open-source projects on their free time.
We provide a trustful environment where your team will find paid work.
Dev agencies and collectives have the following expectations during slowdowns:
Business continuity

Business continuity

We provide a space where paid opportunities arise for your team. You’re entirely free to decide which and when you’ll accept, according to your own agenda.
Work on your tech stack

Work on your tech stack

Our communities are organized around technology stacks. You can confidently expect to find paid tasks that fall into your area(s) of expertise.
No prep time

Keep your team motivated

Steady growth gives faith to your team. More than a business, being part of a community gives a purpose and sense of belonging.
Welcome to the IT Community

Let’s start with a quick briefing.

Permanent roles will guide your first steps. They help you find paid tasks and contributions that match with your team’s expertise. 
User account creation
Introduction to your Skilld buddies
Company channels creation
Access to our technical project environment
Let’s start with a quick briefing.

Join other communities.

You may picture each of our clients as a micro community, revolving around its technology stack and project needs. Our focus here is to blur the frontiers between their organization and yours, allowing for punctual or more frequent contributions, depending on everyone’s expectations.
Define your tech stack
Highlight the roles you can supply
Join projects with similar tech stacks

Take part when your team is available.

It’s up to you and your team to decide when to contribute. Keep a track of conversations in project or stack channels, or checkout the tasks board every one in a while. 
Adjust your available capacity in real-time
Contribute to similar tech stacks
Optimize your P&L

Follow-up with earnings and adjust occupation in real-time.

Collaboration organized through our channels helps keep everyone in the loop, and provides unprecedented levels of control on the work pace and intensity. 
Set alerts and notifications for updates
Monitor earnings in real-time for each role
Receive custom reports in your own channels
Real-time monitoring

Our customers joined Skilld to augment their staff without hassle.


Saint-Gobain IT project Community

IT talents have a way to secure their earnings, while gaining freedom & flexibility at work. IT talents have a way to secure their earnings, while gaining freedom & flexibility at work.
Blue chip companies build communities to maximize unity between business and IT departments.

Join Skilld Community

If you want to learn more about Skilld Community and our approach to IT projects, feel free to complete our contact form. We’ll just only ask for the most basic informations, to help us reach back at you with enough understanding.