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How do you grow an ambitious project without the risks of building an internal tech team?

Who is this for?

Who want to scale upon their bootstrapped efforts, without the financial risks of an in-house tech team.
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When they require technology at the heart of their business expertise, but don’t want to grow and maintain a tech team.
We provide a community that will bring your tech project to life.
Startups and SMBs without a development team are on the lookout for:
Autonomous tech team

Autonomous tech team

We create a dedicated community to bring your project to life. Self-organized, it will closely collaborate with your team to be as close as possible to your business needs.
Project continuity

Project continuity

Technology is becoming a strategic pillar of your business, that you naturally expect to evolve daily. There will always be someone around to help your project move forward. 
Reliable partners

Reliable partners

We praise a happy and sustainable collaboration between in-house and external teams. Doing so helps build a unified team that will last forever.
Welcome to the IT Community

Meet your new partners.

Permanent roles will act as your core team. They are here to set the right inputs and expectations for your project.
User account creation
Introduction to your Skilld buddies
Company channels creation
Creation of a dedicated technical project environment
Meet your new partners.
Let’s have a look at your project

Set your project milestones.

Understanding your project accurately helps us distribute the work evenly, which is a necessary step to provide you with the most efficient staffing solution. 
Analysis of your project’s scope and budget
Objectives and KPIs prioritization (mindmap)
Technical strategy and roadmap

Let us become your tech team.

When they seek a dedicated tech team, our partners usually also prefer to delegate the technical leadership of their project. In that scenario, we focus on building a full-stack project team that will be autonomous and flexible in the long run.
Choose your mode of governance (client-led, skilld-led or hybrid)
Confirm the roles you need
Set a level of elasticity for each role

Focus on growth and trust us with product evolutions.

Collaboration organized through our channels helps keep everyone in the loop, and provides unprecedented levels of control on the work pace and intensity. 
Set alerts and notifications for specific milestones
Discuss roadmap evolutions with your team
Monitor spendings in real-time for each role
Real-time monitoring

Our customers joined Skilld to augment their staff without hassle.


Saint-Gobain IT project Community

IT talents have a way to secure their earnings, while gaining freedom & flexibility at work. IT talents have a way to secure their earnings, while gaining freedom & flexibility at work.
Blue chip companies build communities to maximize unity between business and IT departments.

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