Team augmentation

Hire skills for your core stack, right when you need them.

Outsourcing expert IT profiles is generally easy, but successfully managing their acculturation to your team is way harder.

Who is this for?

Dev agencies
When they want to reinforce their staff to catch more demand.
Corporate tech teams
When they want to accelerate project developments to meet business needs.
We build the bridge between your team and externalized tech resources.
Agencies and IT teams are on the lookout for:
Elastic supply of experts

Elastic supply of experts

We split work into micro tasks to allow for optimal distribution and to keep our efforts steady. Thanks to that, our supply is always available, yet never reliant.
No prep time

No prep time

Permanent roles are here to bind ties with your core team and know all about your project needs. With them around, staffing the next role is a matter of hours.
Peaceful partnership

Peaceful partnership

We praise a happy and sustainable collaboration between in-house and externalized teams. Doing so helps prevent tensions, churn and delays.
Welcome to the IT Community

Make yourself at home.

Your Skilld buddies are the permanent roles that will act as an extension of your core team. They are here to make sure community experts will fit into your organization.
User accounts creation
Introduction to your Skilld buddies
Company channels creation
Integration to your technical project environment
Welcome to the IT Community
Let’s have a look at your project

Define your context and scope of work.

An accurate understanding of your project will help us distribute the work evenly, which is a necessary step to provide you with the most efficient staffing solution.
Analysis of your project’s scope and budget
Objectives and KPIs prioritization (mindmap)
Technical strategy and roadmap
Build a hybrid team of it experts

Speed up production for your next project.

To augment an existing team with more resources, our clients generally prefer to remain lead on their project. In that scenario, we focus on bringing in the profiles that will speed up production. And make sure they get along with your people.
Choose your mode of governance (client-led, skilld-led or hybrid)
Pick the roles you need
Set a level of elasticity for each role
Real-time monitoring

Follow-up with developments and spendings in real-time.

Your core team needs full visibility on what’s produced externally. Collaboration organized through our channels helps keeping everyone in the loop, and provides unprecedented levels of control on the work pace and intensity.
Work day-to-day with the project team
Set alerts and notifications for project updates
Monitor spendings in real-time for each role
Receive custom reports in your project channels
Real-time monitoring

Our customers joined Skilld to augment their staff without hassle.


Saint-Gobain IT project Community

IT talents have a way to secure their earnings, while gaining freedom & flexibility at work. IT talents have a way to secure their earnings, while gaining freedom & flexibility at work.
Blue chip companies build communities to maximize unity between business and IT departments.

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